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House in the center, with free parking and security

The apartment is located in a historic house with a meter thick walls – it is warm in winter and cool in summer. The house is located near the Russian Embassy – the territory is guarded both day and night. The area is very calm.

Due to this, you will be able to leave your car under the house or in the yard without unnecessary fears. If you wish, you can use paid parking on the territory of the Polytechnic University, 100 meters from the house.

Separate entrance with a code lock

The apartment is on the second floor. The first 2 floors of the house is a separate entrance with its code lock. All residents of the house use the second side entrance, due to this the entrance hall is clean, quiet and safe.

There is only one apartment with you on the same floor and my relative lives in it without family and children. So, you will be living in a quiet and peaceful location, without any strangers.

Warm and quiet home with clean air

  • Historic wooden windows have been restored and insulated, so drafts and noise from the street will not disturb you.
  • Daikin air conditioner with air flow, moistening and ionization will cool in the heat and warm up during the periods when central heating is off. Daikin is not just circulating the air, like most air conditioners do, but adds to the room clean and fresh air. The second Daikin air conditioner is installed in the bedroom.
  • The whole apartment is installed with German batteries with the ability to regulate the temperature.


German kitchen Nolte and living room with home theater

In this apartment you can relax and work, make friends and raise children. For everything there is a place, any activity will be fun here.

The kitchen is combined with a living room and a lounge in one space of 60 m2.

With German kitchen Nolte you will love to cook, even if you didn’t like before. Furniture with a built-in electrics automatically lifts the shelves, lower shelves go smoothly out. There is a hood to get rid of the smell and steam.

From household appliances in the kitchen there is an electric kettle, microwave, electric stove and dishwasher.

The washing machine is located next to the kitchen in a separate niche. This saves usable space and reduces noise.

From the furniture in the living room: a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table. There are speakers, output and monitor for the projector.

Want a home theater? Install the projector, and enjoy the movie on the big screen which is already installed in the ceiling and goes out from it with the help of remote control.

In the living room there is an exit to the open balcony, where in the warm season, you can drink wine, read a book and watch passerbys from above

Small guest bathroom

In the living room next to the entrance door there is a small bathroom with hygiene shower and washbasin.

Bed with Tempur mattress and massage function, sauna and a gym

Want a bigger bed?

The bed in the bedroom was made by spec. order – 180×210 cm.

The Tempur brand mattress with massage function is something. I would say that you lie down and don’t want to get up and all that. But it is better to feel yourself. And you can do it during apartment review.

The height of the legs and back in the mattress is adjustable. Just click on the remote control and the upper or lower part will rise to make it convenient, for example, to read.

The mattress is divided into 2 sections, each is regulated separately. Therefore, you can only change the position of the backrest in your room; the other person will have the mattress in the same position.

Bedroom Photo

Large master bathroom with two sinks and a bathroom

From the bedroom there is an exit to the master bathroom with two sinks, a large bath and a hygienic shower. There is also an open rack for towels, cosmetics and other things, and a window that goes into the bedroom for those who appreciate natural light.

Bathroom Photo

Shower with hydromassage

From the master bathroom you get into the shower, which is equipped with Italian sanitary ware with three options for the shower:

  • overhead shower with a large diameter watering can to get the effect of a tropical shower;
  • simple height-adjustable shower head;
  • 3 hydromassage jets, which are aimed at massage of 3 zones – shoulders, back and bottom.


From the shower you get into the sauna. The sauna is finished with natural wood and equipped with an Italian stove. Sauna perfectly relaxes after workouts and hard days, strengthens the immune system. After the steam room, lie down on the massage bed and feel on the seventh heaven.


A large loggia adjoins the bedroom, where you can do sports, yoga or read a book while lying on a hammock.

Dressing room

From the hall that adjoins the bedroom there is access to the dressing room: 12.3 m2 for linen, clothes and towels. There you can not only store, but also dry and iron clothes.

Cabinet - for those who work at home

Entrance from the hall to the office: 24 m2, there is already a table, a leather chair and a monitor. There you can receive clients, work remotely and just be alone when you want.

If desired, the cabinet can be turned into a child’s room.


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